Mobile Phones

Community Cellular Networks

Despite the rapid global expansion of mobile phone coverage, many isolated, rural communities do not have connectivity. In the Philippines, we are evaluating the impact of installing cellular towers and providing free SIM cards for mobile phone use on communication activity and frequency, social ties, access to information, migration and labor market outcomes, bargaining power and market prices, and income and employment decisions.

The Premise of Local Information: Building Reliable Economic Indicators from a Decentralized Network of Contributors

This paper describes the design and implementation of Premise, a mobile-phone based platform for gathering reliable, quantitative data through on-the-ground networks of local contributors. Founded in 2012 and currently operating in 34 countries, …

The Price Is Right?: Statistical Evaluation of a Crowd-Sourced Market Information System in Liberia

Many critical policy decisions depend upon reliable and up-to-date information on market prices. Such data are used to construct consumer price indices, measure inflation, detect food insecurity, and influence macroeconomic policy. In developing …